Who We Are

POLSPAS is a polish producer of outdoor & indoor spas and pool. We are a manufacturer and also an OEM & ODM service provider. We are a firm believer of High-standard and top-quality services and Customer satisfaction are of paramount importance to us.

Through the years of research and development combined with latest technology, we have become expert in hot tubs and pools industry providing the exclusive experiences to our customers.

We devote ourselves to create the best products for customers who appreciate and pursue a healthy, relaxed and balanced lifestyle.  We have exporting our hot tub spas to many countries, such as America, France, Middle East including UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, America, India, Europe including Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Australia and many more countries

Why Choose Us

Innovative OEMODM company with independent research and development capabilities
Support customer customized products, We can design product drawings according to customers’ ideas and needs, and we can make molds for free after  confirmation. The minimum order quantity is 1*40’HQ.

Experienced and professional R&D team , Lead the new fashion of life and closely keep up with the times

  • No longer limited to static images, virtual reality (VR) and 3D experiences of the product have been created to help customers understand the product 360 degrees.
  • POLSPAS control system:2 types of simple control methods(” “),use the touch-screen on the product shell or remotely control products through our app, supporting IOS and Android systems.

Product quality

Our management believes in the product quality is guaranteed by production and is accumulated through time. We are willing to use put extra efforts, high quality materials, and the most experienced staffs to produce our spas!! Each of our spas goes through the extensive testing at each step, making sure the each spa.

Every Hot Tub is according to your exact specifications, and backed by our perfect-fit guarantee.We feel glad when we get suggestion and reference client from our current client. at the point when the hot-tub was truly exorbitant we made it reasonable . We focus on our client assistance’s to take care of business quick and right the first run through. We empower you to get every one of the advantages of a hot tub when you need it the most. Regardless of whether it’s for Birthday celebrations, Anniversary festivities, Hen evenings or just to loosen up.

“We love what we do..    Our team is our strength! ”

POLSPAS Facilities

Compare Our Surface Of Shell

  • Shell Import from USA Lucite, the best one in the world, with more glossy and with great stretch ability and Microban. (Aristech material is also from Lucite).We are confidence that our surface of shell is the best in China, even better than some of USA spa!Because that we are willing to spend time on cleaning each spa mould before shape.  The shell of spa is without any small trachoma, or blister, and we are willing spend time on cleaning until it becomes very shining. 
    We are also willing to spend 24 hours on water testing to make sure there is no any leaking. 
  •  Other factory only can pay 2-3 hours on water testing though they show long time.   

Our Team

We work like family making sure each staff member is doing their part in the best way keeping the pre sales or post sales services at highest level.Hence we are always available 24/7 in your  service.


Polspas Benefits

  • Polspas are energy efficient
  • Full form insulation
  • Hogh ,tight -fitting covers to avoid the heat leak,hence maintaining the tempoerature.
  • Less frequent water changing every 3-4 months ,that’s just 4 times  in a year.
  • Easy installation with our plug and play systems, so you save the high cost of  electricians
  • Up to 90% less plumping
  • waterproof control panels
  • UV resistant shells and cabinets


EMI options with interest


We provide hassle free delivery

5 years warranty

Our warranty for structure is for 5 years

Let yourself be spellbound by phenomenal environment of pleasure and inspiration for our private desert spring of loosening up.